How To Operate A Home Hair Dryer

It’s not enough to just have a nice hair dryer; you also need to use it appropriately. Without a plan, aiming hot air on curls might lead to a horrible hair day.

Blow dryers are unquestionably excellent styling appliances that are useful for styling hair for any occasion. On the other hand, using a blow dryer isn’t always the greatest choice. When used improperly, it can cause damage to hair. Bewildered? Well, don’t be. All questions regarding the usage of a hair dryer will be answered by this page.

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How Is A Hair Dryer Used?

Setting Up The Temperature And Preparing:

1. Knowing the temperature and being ready are key to using a hair dryer. To protect hair from the heat of the hair dryer, use a cream or spray that blocks heat. The cream will smooth the cuticles and avoid problems like frizz and split ends after it seals in the moisture.

2- It’s always a good idea to start fresh before styling hair. Shampooing hair is not required prior to style. To get rid of product residue, it is advised to give it a thorough rinse. Debris accumulation and dirt residue will impede the intended outcomes.

How Do Hair Dryers Operate?

For a meaningful impact, choose a high-power appliance. The temperature may be adjusted using a powerful hair dryer. The airflow is also continuous. Ionic blow dryers are a worthy investment because they can do the task more quickly and with less harm to your hair.

With its 2100-watt capacity, the Phillips BHD356/10 is an excellent solution for most hair types. To keep the proper temperature, it incorporates a special thermo-protection airflow system that combines cool and warm air.

How Should a Normal Hair Type Use a Blow Dryer?

1. Blot the hair with a towel until it dries to around 70%. Rubbing too hard might harm hair follicles, so refrain from doing so. Here’s how to blow dry hair without causing damage:

2. Lightly mist the hair with a heat-protection spray. Use clips to secure hair sections and keep them in place. One part at a time, work on it. Work your way up, starting with the bottom regions.

3. Hold the hair drier 15 centimeters away from the scalp and use a broad round brush. Aim to keep the brush angle at 45 degrees. After the hair dries, use a hair spray and a blast of cold air. The shine will be preserved by the chilly air. Using your fingers to stroke through the hair, blend the various areas. To achieve a pin-straight appearance, use a flat iron to straighten the ends.

How Can Curly Hair Be Styled With A Blow Dryer?

1-Use a hair shampoo and conditioning treatment to begin the preparation. To shield the hair from the heat, use a leave-in conditioner. Work your way inside to the scalp, starting with the ends. When curls are really tight, this is crucial.

2. It is advised to use an ionic or ceramic blow dryer as they minimize static and get rid of frizz. Another useful tool for getting the greatest curls is a diffuser.

Here’s How to Dry Hair Without Causing Damage with a Hair Dryer:

Partition the hair into four portions to start. Once each portion is 50% dry, clip them and continue using the diffusing blow dryer on the cold setting. Starting from the back, divide the hair portions into smaller pieces. Set the blow dryer’s heat to low or medium.

Put a pea-sized amount of oil on your hair to tame frizz. For optimal results, twist your hair into small portions and apply the diffuser on each one.