Hybrid Brows: Everything You Should Know

Right now, one of the most popular procedures is hybrid brows. Because they combine microblading and microshading, two distinct cosmetic brow tattoo procedures, some permanent makeup professionals refer to them as combination brows.

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How Do Hybrid Brows Work?

Microblading and microshading are the two stages used to produce hybrid brows, which are a semi-permanent brow tattoo. During the microblading process, a hand instrument is used to make incisions that resemble hairstrokes. A brow tattoo machine is used for microshading, which creates the shadowed impression. Like any other cosmetic tattoo, hybrid eyebrows are created using natural pigments and fade over time, often lasting two years.

What Makes Customers Adore Hybrid Brows?

Because it produces realistic hair strokes, microblading remains the most popular procedure; nevertheless, not everyone is a good fit for this type of cosmetic eyebrow tattoo. Microblading often doesn’t work well for those with greasy skin. Overproduction of sebum causes the tattooed hair strokes to eventually become blurry.

Hybrid brows are preferred by clients who want hair strokes but are concerned that they may become blurry. Hybrid brows resemble natural brows that have been filled in with an eyebrow pencil since they feature both hair strokes and shade. Almost precisely as the majority of clients do their eyebrows on a daily basis.

How Do Hybrid Brows Get Made?

As previously said, shading and microblading are coupled. Which one, though, comes first?

The majority of artists choose to apply the shade after creating the hair strokes, or microblading. However, some of them claim that if the shading is done first, the outcomes seem better. Everything depends on the artist’s tastes, and a satisfactory outcome is crucial.

Most brow painters start with hair strokes and darken the remaining area. Few of them will have the entire brow microbladed.

Using a hand instrument soaked in pigment, microblading involves making microscopic incisions in the skin that mimic real hair strokes. Instead of microblading, some artists utilize a machine-based process called nanoblading or nano brows. A PMU machine is used for shading.

Who Makes a Good Hybrid Brow Candidate?

As previously said, those with oily skin types make excellent candidates for hybrid brows. And, if the brow tattoo has faded sufficiently, those who wish to cover it up. Retouching old tattoos with microblading alone is not a smart idea since the pigment remnants cause the strokes to seem sloppy and hazy. Microshading will therefore appear considerably better.

Hybrid Brows Recovery Method

Your eyebrows are a new wound that has to heal after the procedure. Although the whole healing process for hybrid brows may take up to six weeks, you will see noticeable improvements much sooner.

Your eyebrows may appear very black at first, but don’t worry—they will lighten by up to 50%. Around day 4, as they begin to heal, you could notice little scabs peeling out. It’s crucial to keep your hands off of them and let them to fall.

Following the 5-7 day scabbing phase, you could notice that your eyebrows appear lighter than they normally are. The pigment will resurface before the healing time is finished, which is a natural aspect of the healing process for hybrid brows.

And it’s acceptable if your eyebrows recover unevenly. At the touch-up, which should take place six to eight weeks following the original treatment, you will have them corrected. In case the customer desires darker brows, additional pigment may be added, possible areas can be filled in, and the tattoo can be completed.

How Frequently Do I Need to Get My Brows Touched Up?

Although hybrid brows often last longer than microblading, yearly touch-ups are likely required. Touch-ups may be necessary more frequently if you have oily skin or spend a lot of time in the sun or water. The frequency of touch-ups mostly depends on your skin type and lifestyle.

It’s time to schedule a color boost when your eyebrows start to fade and you realize you need to fill them in with a pencil.

What Is the Duration of Hybrid Brows?

Microblading typically lasts 12 to 18 months without the need for touch-ups, however hybrid eyebrows can last up to 2 years since they require shading.

Don’t let them fade entirely, though, since you will have to pay extra for the entire treatment rather than just the color increase after a year. They will most likely start to fade after that.

What Is the Price of Hybrid Brows?

Hybrid eyebrows typically cost $600, while actual costs could differ based on a number of factors, including the artist’s popularity and level of skill, location, and level of competition.