The Scientific Justification for Why Panties Are So Turn-On

It shouldn’t be a kink to sniff underwear. Listen to me:

A sexual act or liking must be aberrant in order to qualify as kinky. Panty sniffing is considered kinky since it entails caving in to an animalistic impulse that has been labeled as “dirty” by society.


Nowadays, there is nothing improper about dirtiness. The most exceptional among us. However, the notion that vaginas shouldn’t smell is flawed, which is what makes panty sniffing unclean. In modern history, this cultural idea has spread like wildfire while having no basis at all. It’s also blatantly incorrect.

The outcome has been widespread vaginal remorse and humiliation among women. Just take a peek at the hundreds of items available to freshen up a woman’s intimate areas. These kinds of “feminine hygiene” items help to spread the misconception that a stinky vagina indicates a dirty one, whereas in fact it’s a sign of good sexual health.

In actuality, employing these items will probably reduce a woman’s attractiveness to men—at least primitive attraction. Ask any panty sniffer; these goods are heartbreaking to them. It’s a fact that guys are naturally attracted to that scent that so many women attempt to hide.

So is sniffing underwear really so kinky if the aroma of the vagina is what drives some people crazy? Yes, on a social level, but not at all on a scientific one.

Continue reading to find out more about the precise reason a woman’s perfume elicits such a strong sexual reaction.

Smelly Signals

Pheromones are the easy way to explain why some individuals get excited when they smell their underwear. Chemical smells called pheromones naturally draw animals to one another for mating, facilitating communication and eventually reproduction. They are essential to animals, but scientists are unsure of their function in humans since we lack an organ that can handle them.

Pheromones are released by humans, though; they are present in all physiological secretions. They are present in perspiration, the oils on our skin, and yes, even the vaginal fluid. Certain signals of a person’s strength, health, and fertility are included in their pheromones, which some experts contend humans unconsciously recognize when seeking a mate.

For example, to find out how pheromones influenced sex drive, researchers at the University of Texas, Austin carried out a blind study. A group of males were instructed to scent t-shirts on women at various phases of their menstrual cycles. Men overwhelmingly thought that the t-shirt that women wear during the height of ovulation was the most “pleasant” and “sexiest.”

Pheromones, however, don’t just impact guys. Studies demonstrate that pheromone exposure improves mood, attention, and emotional processing in both men and women. In addition, women are more likely to obtain sexual satisfaction and have an enhanced sexual response.

Manipulating Pheromones

People often try to employ pheromones to locate spouses because of their potent ability to match people. Recently, savvy and imaginative millennials searching for love have appropriated the popular science of pheromones. Pheromone parties are a modern take on speed dating, where the key to finding love is a shirt that is three days old.

Visitors bring their worn shirts in plastic bags, which are numbered and dispersed around the celebration. They then proceed to smell each bag at their own pace in an effort to determine the scent of their perfect match. While these events have a very contemporary vibe, the concept of deliberately utilizing pheromones to locate a mate is not new.

Women used to use their own vaginal secretions as a natural perfume to attract suitors, according to medieval records. Men are said to have fallen at their feet after receiving a little dab behind the ears, on the neck, and on the breast.

A woman smearing her own lady goo all over herself may seem a bit in-your-face these days, or maybe primitive or just plain disgusting. However, in all honesty, it’s not much more repulsive than a lot of contemporary fragrances, which frequently include pheromones in their advertising to promote sexual appeal.

Even while perfumers might not be using components directly from the producer, the final result is still fundamentally the same. Fragrances that highlight human pheromones, for instance, frequently contain androstenone and androstadienone, which are naturally present in perspiration and urine.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter if the perfume is applied topically or via a bottle. I mean, if it functions, then it must?

The Secret to Panty Sniffing

Pheromones are released by both men and women; however, the ones released by women from their vagina are far more potent. The primary cause of the arousal that might result from sniffing underwear is these pheromones, which go by the name of copulins. In fact, their impact on male sex desire is what gave rise to their moniker.

According to studies, copulins can reduce a man’s resistance and effectively have a mind-controlling impact on males. This is the potion of love, if there ever was one.

These incredibly powerful substances work best in fertile women and may physically change the male hypothalamus, making men behave in ways they otherwise wouldn’t. For example, while under the effect of copulins, males report feeling more beautiful, and this is accompanied by an instantaneous 150% increase in testosterone. Men might be said to acquire “copulin goggles” since these pheromones impair their capacity to distinguish between physical beauty in women.

Copulins, to put it simply, make males want to suck whoever, right now. One method to achieve that feeling whenever you want is to buy used panties, which are essentially simply copulin storage units.

Undoubtedly, there isn’t exact science behind the allure of smelling old underwear for sex. Copulins are not the only item that can energize you, despite their potency. It could largely be visual for certain individuals.