The Importance of a Visual Survey For Your Move!

It’s essential to work with a seasoned mover that can assist you at every stage of the relocation planning process. In addition to handling the heavy lifting, a professional mover may also supervise the packing and storage process and provide a number of other comforts.

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Make sure you schedule visual surveys with registered, insured, and professional movers as soon as possible. A sincere moving business will often offer to send you a written, comprehensive quotation as well as a free online survey. If you would like, they may finish this survey in person or via a video conference. Without physically inspecting your house, companies that provide quotations over the phone are unable to provide an exact cost estimate, which might result in additional expenses down the road. Alternatively, on moving day, the mover could not be sufficiently ready to handle your relocation.

We Make You an Inventory List

Getting an inventory of everything surveyed in your house is one of the biggest advantages of a visual survey. This list may not include every last detail—two blue shirts, two green socks, one red hat, and so forth—but it will provide a general idea of what you are bringing. It will include the furnishings in each room as well as how many containers your belongings should be packed in and by whom.

When you need to update your mover or make modifications later on, inventories come in quite handy. Alternatively, record what you choose to take for yourself! If the mover wants to add an additional charge to their first price and says they never accounted for a certain item, you can also consult the inventory list.

Movers Can Benefit From Visual Surveys as Well!

Moving surveys are beneficial to both you and the moving business, since they provide you with a free price. For instance, long-distance moving is often charged based on weight and miles in addition to the cost of packing and any other services. However, the majority of the phrase hinges on:

The Quantity of Your Home or the Items in It

How Much Weight Your Things Have

The expert moving adviser will be able to visually inspect your belongings and gauge how “dense” they are—whether it’s a tiny rattan couch or a massive pull-out sofa. Additionally, the consultant will quickly inspect your cupboards, closets, and storage spaces to determine what concealed objects might need to be moved.

Capacity is important for determining logistics and costs for both local and long-distance movement. This enables movers to determine packing requirements and provide a more precise or certain price.

We Evaluate Priceless and Fragile Items as Well

Additionally, the visual assessment may be used to determine whether goods require specialist moving assistance. An expert moving consultant is qualified to identify items that need special attention. For example, you might not have noticed the glass cabinet you inherited from your great-aunt was fragile. Upon viewing it with new eyes, the moving expert would suggest delicate packaging or perhaps bespoke crating to offer additional security while being transported.

Since you might not have an active policy or a policy that covers your belongings while they are in storage or transportation, a professional moving consultant can also assist you with insurance or value decisions. A basic appraisal that pays out based on the weight of the package covers the majority of movements. A skilled mover will take into account any high-value items and provide and clarify Full Replacement alternatives in addition to the Basic coverage.

4. Advantages of Online Moving Surveys

In case you haven’t noticed, one of 2020’s key themes has been working remotely. Why couldn’t you use the same method to obtain an estimate for your next move if you can have a conference virtually?

Enter online surveys for relocation.

On our blog, we recently discussed the operation of virtual moving surveys, but we haven’t gone into great detail about their advantages. Let us examine four of them.


The time required for a virtual relocation survey is comparable to that of an in-person survey, but once completed, there shouldn’t be a need for a follow-up visit—even if you decide to change your mind about what you’re bringing to your new house. As the survey is stored on Mayflower’s exclusive and secure servers, you may call your estimator to modify the scope of work and they will be able to view the specific items you are referring to without needing to arrange for a second visit. All you need is one online meeting to be set up.


“Virtual” is the crucial term in virtual moving surveys. Without any representatives from the moving business physically present, you may have a meeting in the comfort of your own home with an experienced and qualified estimate. When the planned time for your video chat draws near, just get dressed in your casual attire and don’t bother about keeping the countertops immaculate. How convenient!

Simplicity of Use

With a virtual relocation survey, you don’t have to worry about picking up complex new software or instruments. You can finish a virtual moving survey with an app on your phone if you can download and utilize it. Every day, hundreds of consumers use virtual moving surveys and provide glowing feedback. The procedure is as easy as clicking the survey link on the day of the visit, installing the app from the app store (we email you a download link), and responding to the moving estimator’s questions (as well as showing them around as needed). Simple!

Social Distancing

Virtual surveys compensate for their lack of accuracy by allowing you to preserve social separation, even if nothing can truly match the precision of an in-home survey. As we continue to take COVID-19 safeguards, this is ideal for 2020. Virtual surveys are a terrific extra precaution you can take to offer yourself peace of mind, whether there is presently a “stay at home” order in place, you don’t want to wear a mask, or you have high-risk persons living with you.