Here’s what to gift a newly engaged couple, according to etiquette experts

One of those wonderful life events that is worth commemorating is becoming engaged, and giving the happy couple a lovely gift is a wonderful way to join in their happiness. Finding a suitable engagement present, meanwhile, can be difficult, particularly if you want to wow them with something unusual.

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Fortunately, we looked around to uncover some very great engagement gift suggestions for soon-to-be married couples. We also inquired with etiquette authorities Jackie Vernon-Thompson and Myka Meier on what to and what not to give as wedding season approaches.

The fortunate couple will be pleased to receive any of these engagement presents, and we’ve included some expert suggestions as well. Shop TODAY has collected up some of the greatest options, whether you’re looking for a personalized memory, a home staple, or a luxurious engagement gift you can spend with a group.

Which presents are the most well-liked ones for engaged couples?

In the past, presents relating to homes were often given to soon-to-be newlyweds to help them with the transition that usually occurs following the wedding. “Nowadays, many couples live together ahead of getting engaged so these needs are less traditionally seen when gifting,” Meier explains.

“Gifting experiences, such as a gift voucher to their favorite restaurant or location or an activity to help make memories, is becoming quite popular, in my opinion. Additionally, I observe a lot of virtual gifting where a card has a QR code that opens the gift receipt and data.”

What presents should I not give as an engagement?

Vernon-Thompson advises, “It is important…to try not to make it too personal or something that may [make them] feel awkward or question your motive.” According to her, these presents may be seen as political, as workout gear, or as anything having to do with babies, pets, or both.

Meier advises against giving presents that are “skewed too much toward one person, as an engagement gift should be enjoyable for both halves of the couple.” She and Vernon-Thompson also decided against giving furniture or an excessive amount of home décor as gifts because those are things the couple would probably want to decide for themselves.

Are Gifts Required at Engagement Parties?

Has a close friend or relative just been engaged? If so, you’ll probably receive invitations to an engagement party as your first event. And although the manner of these pre-wedding parties varies greatly from couple to couple—whether it’s an elegant event or a laid-back backyard barbecue—the customs surrounding this first joyous celebration might be a little unclear, particularly with regard to exchanging gifts. Maybe you’re wondering specifically, “Are engagement party gifts a requirement?”

The brevity of the response? No matter how elaborate the party, presents for the engagement are not necessary. Oniki Hardtman of Oh Niki Occasions, a wedding planner, says that sending a present to an engagement party is a really kind gesture that “would certainly be appreciated by the happy couple.” She goes on to say, “I personally never attend a celebration without a present in hand since it expresses my thanks and admiration for their consideration of you. Conversely, sending a handmade note wishing them all the best in their union is also a kind gesture.”

We asked Hardtman to share the best engagement party gifts advice in order to further assist you in navigating the appropriate etiquette for this pre-wedding celebration. To learn all you need to know, continue reading.