Electric reach trucks are the ideal warehouse companion for three reasons.

Reach trucks are adaptable vehicles made to handle a variety of warehouse duties. They are indispensable partners for your material handling operations because to their slender chassis and high ceilings.

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Continue reading to find more about the three main advantages of reach trucks as well as Meenyon’s selection of electric reach trucks.

Three reasons electric reach trucks are the best match for your warehouse

1. TCO is lower with electric reach trucks

In the field of material handling, total cost of operation (TCO) is one of the most crucial factors to take into account. Every decision you make affects your total cost of ownership (TCO), so making the appropriate equipment investment is a certain approach to make sure you’re operating as profitably as possible.

As we said earlier, electric reach trucks have small bodies that make it easy for them to maneuver along warehouse aisles and can reach higher shelf than conventional forklifts can. Your TCO will go down and uptime will rise thanks to your ability to move between warehouse aisles and shelves with ease.

Reach trucks produce different noise and smells when they are operating than trucks with internal combustion engines (ICEs). Your warehouse workers will be more comfortable if your cars produce fewer harmful emissions and noise. Quieter machines not only make workspaces more comfortable, but they also lower the possibility of accidents. Heated rooms and unpleasant workspaces can lead to headaches, tension, and exhaustion. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to loud noises might cause hearing loss or injury.

By lowering the noise level in your warehouse, nearby pedestrians will be able to hear crucial sounds that occur during work, such alarms, machines, or conversations among coworkers, which will increase productivity.

Your total cost of ownership is influenced by more than simply your workplace. Material handling activities’ financial aspects need to be taken into account. Li-Ion batteries have a higher initial cost but a lower overall cost over time. Electric forklifts have fewer components than internal combustion engine (ICE) forklift trucks, which means they require less upkeep and service. They can also be periodically charged, which boosts uptime. Unlike lead-acid batteries, Li-Ion batteries don’t need a separate charging station to function.

All of this boosts productivity and guarantees that you have excess return on investment to put toward future operations-improvement projects.

2. Productivity is increased with electric reach trucks

The ergonomic design of Meenyon’s electric reach trucks guarantees the utmost comfort and safety for those operating the vehicles, hence boosting productivity and efficiency.

Meenyon reach forklifts come equipped with a standard Dynamic Cornering Control (DCC) system. This implies that a high driving speed may be sustained, but in order to increase operator safety, the speed is automatically decreased when cornering. This is especially helpful in situations where the operator has to react fast to avoid pedestrians, warehouse items, or other trucks.

Reach trucks, as their name implies, are capable of reaching higher altitudes, which allows them to reach higher shelves within your warehouse. Since most warehouses make use of vertical space, cars must pass via high-racking systems. Productivity is increased by reach trucks because they allow operators to access items stored in vertical spaces quickly and effectively.

These trucks are designed to be able to go through the warehouse’s tight aisles with ease. They take up little room and can readily access goods thanks to their capacity to operate in confined locations.

3. The sustainability of electric reach trucks

Utilizing lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery technology, electric reach trucks emit no pollution. Choosing this kind of eco-friendly equipment lowers your carbon footprint considerably. In addition, Li-Ion batteries have a three to four times longer lifespan than other battery types and are 30% more energy-efficient.

Businesses are investing in electric-powered vehicles as a result of the impending 2030 ban on gasoline and diesel engines, which is expected to drive the market’s 8% annual growth. The transition to electric power is advantageous for the environment as well as your warehouse operators’ health.

Working with electric reach trucks eliminates harmful gasses and exhaust fumes, which eliminates the need to air your warehouse and lowers heating and cooling expenses. They also run efficiently and require minimum maintenance, which lowers your overall operating expenses and guarantees optimum uptime.

Meenyon’s electric reach truck range

With technology playing a crucial role in day-to-day operations in today’s challenging material handling situations, our meenyon reach trucks are built to deliver the most dependable and effective service to our clients.